Hello, hello.  I’m Kathleen.


You do not have to be at the mercy of a racing and repetitive mind. There is an astonishing place on the other side of all of that.


If meditation seems like a vague and frustrating concept to you, you are in the right place. I offer a straight forward and practical approach that has had a stunning impact on my life. Meditation can do the same for you.


I have seen profound shifts, clarity and peace unfold in student after student.


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And tune into The Kathleen Sessions podcast on your favorite podcast app or on YouTube. You can also listen here. A brand new season is launching next month. The show provides a source of contemplation and inspiration for living mindfully, intentionally.


I hope you join me.


Kathleen’s Bio:


Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau is the creator and host of the podcast and multi-media meditation platform The Kathleen Sessions. Kathleen’s podcast (originally called The Kathleen Show) launched in 2006 and featured renowned guests such as Maya Angelou, Sir Ken Robinson and Michael Pollan. After a hiatus from recording. she relaunched the popular show as The Kathleen Sessions. She also wrote and directed the feature film “Side Effects” starring Katherine Heigl as well as the award winning documentary “Money Talks”. 


Kathleen has been practicing meditation and yoga for over twenty years and teaching for almost a decade. In 2011 she founded The Studio, a yoga studio in Madison, Wisconsin that was considered one of the most breathtaking studios in the country. Kathleen has led thousands of yoga and meditation students. Her most recent project is the development of a 44 acre eco/agri/wellness neighborhood in Middleton, WI called Belle Farm.


Kathleen’s work has been featured by media outlets worldwide including The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, The Economist, Oprah Radio, Oprah Magazine and many more.


Most of the beautiful photography you see across the site is the work of Chris and Quinn Paskus of C&N Photography.

Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau

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