Superior Hiking Trail – Lists


In podcast episode #364, I shared some details about my recent backpack trip on the Superior Hiking Trail. I promised I would outline those details here for easy reference as well share a few pictures from trail. We hiked the section of trail from the Lutsen Mountains to Oberg Mountain. Enjoy!

Three Things To See If You Go

  1. Iona’s Beach
  2. Poplar River Waterfalls – Upper Falls
  3. Black Beach

Three Things To Bring

  1. This blow up pillow: I brought the Klymit Pillow X (borrowed from a friend and now I am getting my own.) This blow up pillow rocked my world. After a long day on the trail, it was so sweet to have a comfy pillow. (And it only weight 1.95 ounces!)
  2. This tent: My tent is an REI Camp Dome 2. Holy loveliness! Easy, easy to put up and take down. If I can do it, anyone can. I’m serious about that. We had rain overnight, and this tent (with the rain fly that came with it) kept us dry and cozy. Be sure to bring some sort of tarp to act as a footprint for the tent. Tips: 1) Tuck the tarp edges all the way under the tent so that that the tarp does not collect and send water underneath the tent. 2) Practice putting up and taking down your tent a dozen times at home. Get to the point you can do it in your sleep. This will increase your confidence and joy on the trail and at the campsite.
  3. Bear Bag: If you are camping overnight, you need a bear bag and you should practice hanging it before you go. All food and delicious smelling things should go into the bag…including wrappers, tooth paste, and lip balm. Not a morsel in your tent. I know…it is so tempting.
  4. A backpack that fits: Ok, I’m adding a fourth item. A backpack that fits your body. Mine did not and made the hiking harder than it had to be…too much torque on my back regardless of how I cinched it. It was just too big.  Places like REI will help you find a good fitting pack. If you are borrowing a pack from friends, try to borrow more than one and experiment which one works best at home.

Three Life/Spiritual Takeaways

You will have to listen to the podcast to hear those. If your spirit needs a lift and a radical shift…listen, then go.

Iona’s Beach

Upper Falls – Poplar River

Black Beach

Our Route

A few more shots…