Christopher Locke: Architects, Architectural Design and Influence

Episode 376. Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau interviews architect Christopher Locke about his perspectives on the current state of architectural design and the influence that buildings, and who designs them, has on individuals and society at large.

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Links to Christopher Locke: Design in Color, Steinberg Hart



Host: Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau


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:28 The current state of architecture

1:37 Who do architects serve?

2:09 Architecture in response to people, the times and politics

2:48 Diversification

2:58 Inherent tension/challenges of architecture

4:20 What makes for great building design?

6:11 Buildings as part of the public realm

7:21 Architecture as product

9:45 Product vs process

10:10 The politics of space

10:25 It takes strong leaders

10:37 The financial component how projects get funded

10:57 What drew Christopher to architecture

11:51 Architecture as lasting legacy

12:06 Architecture as stewardship

12:22 Righting the wrongs and amplifying voices

13:29 The positives of architecture are infectious

14:30 Architecture school, educational journey

14:47 Design in Color

16:49 Architecture and identity

19:12 A cross section of architecture

20:36 Roadblocks and springboards

21:00 A lack of black and brown architects

22:50 How do we solve for a lack of diversity in architecture?

24:23 Revisiting apprenticeship in architecture

26:33 Moving beyond quotas and token employees

29:38 What do you wish more young people knew?

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