Pickleball Tips and Philosophy

Episode 375. Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau shares her personal pickleball tips and her philosophy about why the sport is striking a chord.



Host: Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau

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:37 Why? Why is pickbleball so popular?

2:14 An emphatic case for warming up.

2:34 Lateral movement, achilles tendon.

3:48 The ping pong comparison. Don’t sweat it.

4:45 Singles vs. Doubles.

7:00 Nobody to play with? You have options.

9:09 Bad habits. Nip them fast.

9:40 Pickleball lessons.

10:25 Affordable ways to play pickleball.

12:04 Strength work for lateral movement/knees/injury prevention.

15:20 Wrist and elbow injury.

16:38 Paddle tweaks. Grip size.

19:30 Inflammation.

20:37 Lower back.

23:04 The beauty of an athletic stance.

24:43 My bad habit is…

25:44 Nuance, touch, brain health, winning.

26:35 The downside of only hitting the ball hard.

27:44 A philosophical bend: Pickleball and the educational system. Feeling success, getting inspired, getting obsessed and staying in school.

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