374. Kurt Paulsen: Urban Planning and Defying Placelessness

Kurt Paulsen is a Professor of Urban Planning in the Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.


Host: Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau

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1:44 What makes a city great?

6:50 Urban Planning Definition

10:40 Los Angeles as case study

13:25 Cities born out of transportation

14:48 Accommodating the car, ceding control of the streets to the engineers

18:46 Growing up versus out

19:50 The American city has made driving cheap and housing expensive

23:10 Zoning tension

31:17 Soulless

24:21 Small town vitality

34:25 The nationalization of retail

36:05 State DOTs

36:28 We can stop doing stupid

39:04 The impact on humanity, the human experience

43:00 The public realm

46:36 The case for poetry

47:33 Learning what gets built and why

52:13 Breaking out of the scripts