Tuesday April 20, 2021


Livestream Session Notes for Tuesday, April 20


Session Theme: “The reason the mind wanders…”

“The reason the mind wanders all over all the time is because it’s weak. It is used to going everywhere. The mind is similar to television, where every thirty seconds they change scenes and blast us with some kind of color or sound or something to get our attention. Television continuously jerks our minds around by stimulating our senses. And so we are used to having our minds jerked around all the time. Mantra is putting it in one place and leaving it there. And this gives the mind and body a rest. It allows your body to heal itself. It allows your nervous system to quit producing flight and fright reactions, and instead allows your system to relax and allows these natural forces that are in you to begin to rise and heal and balance and to calm you. That is the benefit of mantra.” ~S. Shambhavananda

Todays mantra: Calm. Smile.

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