Slow Money – The Woody Tasch Interview


Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau interviews Woody Tasch, the author of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms and Fertility Mattered. A beautiful book. Powerful and necessary concepts.

Comments from Kathleen:

I realize on the surface that a show about economics might not be as sexy as some of our other topics. But this book, interview and topic have continued to haunt me for years. Infinite and unchecked growth is not possible. It is not possible. The world cannot sustain it. This is the elephant sitting in your living room as the CNBC talking heads mouth off about quarterly reports and the minute to minute happenings on Wall Street. The Slow Money philosophy fundamentally changed the way I look at the problems our planet is facing. It changed the way I think about investing, politics, consumption, business ownership, careers (mine and others), food, the environment. I find myself coming back to these ideas again and again with each new challenge we face globally and locally. Within the pages of his book and the words that escape his lips — here is one man brave enough and wise enough to say it like it is. Thank God.

Stay with this interview right to the end…Woody reads a remarkable passage from the book and many of the key concepts are beautifully tied together. Please share this interview with others and subscribe to the podcast. We are re-releasing the content of The Kathleen Sessions (formerly called The Kathleen Show) because thousands of personal testimonials have poured in from listeners worldwide stating how much the information has impacted their lives.

A few highlights:

Infinite financial growth versus a finite planet.
It is going to take imagination and great courage to right the ship.
If you eat, you are an investor.
Triple Bottom Line – Companies need to calculate and report their impact on the earth as part of their overall financial picture.
What can individuals do today, right now, to make an impact?

Resources mentioned in the show:

Slow Money (book)