Tuesday August 4, 2020


Livestream Session Notes for Tuesday, August 4 2020


Session Theme: Beyond Ambition


there is a place beyond ambition

When the flute players
couldn’t think of what to say next
they laid down their pipes,
then they lay down themselves
beside the river
and just listened.

Some of them, after a while,
jumped up
and disappeared back inside the busy town. But the rest—
so quiet, not even thoughtful—
are still there,
still listening.

~Mary Oliver


Mantra: Mountain Solid


ON DEMAND RECORDING of today’s Guided Meditation Session


Today’s housekeeping items:
Zoom continues to have glitches. I have empathy for them as I am sure it is difficult to keep up with the demand. It appears they will now require us to re-register for the Wednesday sessions. I am very sorry for this extra step. I will be exploring other livestream options, but in the meantime, please re-register for Wednesdays.